Sunday, October 28, 2012

So, I'm Just Really Sore

I ran today with my sister. While we ran slow, we finished 5.5 miles in 60 minutes. It was nice having a partner to run with and someone to yell at who actually listened to me. Hah. It was quite an enjoyable run, even though one part of the run involved a road with no shoulder and a hill (so cars couldn't really see us). I won't run on that road again. Kind of a scary experience.

Anyway, I feel very sore. Since yesterday, I've had a soreness in my hip and left buttock and now my calves are also feeling sore. I don't think I have an injury, so much as my body is getting used to the training schedule. This is the end of week two and I've clocked a little over 16 miles. That's more than I've run in a long time, I think, if not ever.

I plan to do yoga tomorrow to help stretch some of my muscles and I think a good night sleep will help with the stiffness I'm feeling. I didn't get much sleep last night, as we were at a party hosted by my parents. Probably not the best idea considering the length of today's run, but whatever, I'll be fine. I'm excited for the 10K coming up in 2 weeks. I think I can finish in under 60 minutes. That's the goal at least. Crossing fingers...

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