Friday, October 26, 2012

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill...

I have a girl that works with me named Jill (and just to make it clear I am Jack in the title's analogy). She is 21, 5'2 little like a toothpick, sweet and spunky. So out conversation went like this:

Rachel: Hey Jill, you want to go running with me on Thursday?

Jill: Sure!

Rachel: Ok, we have to run at least 30 minutes.

Jill: Ok.

Rachel (laughing): "OK", you say it so sweet like its no big deal.

Jill(laughing): That's the minimum I run.

This is perfect, because Jill's not a runner, just a fit little person thats happy all the time. Here I am alittle fearful about 30 minutes. Anyway...

We run at white clay creek, and I sound like I'm having an asthma attack, and she is carrying on about the bread she is making for her food science class, and her sisters she is going to see this weekend, and the winery she works at............

It was a great scenario though, because (for aforementioned reasons) I couldn't exactly participate in the conversation but she continued to tell me stories, which helped me get my mind off running. But after we turned around we began running back to our lab. And (she did tell me about this but I wasn't paying attention) out of nowhere there is this hill. Not just any hill, it's more like a mountain. Well I tried, but I didn't make it. And the culmination of failure and frustration overwhelmed me and I yelled (more like quietly whispered because I couldn't breathe) "F*&#!!!, I really did not want to stop running." And Jill said, with a smile on her face still: "That's ok, we'll walk up the hill and start running again." So we did, we walked up the MOUNTAIN (its was not a hill) and then started running again.

But now for the insight to my personality...I am way too serious and involved in things. And I'm not at the point yet where I can run up Mt. Everest, and still maintain respiratory composure. But it's not a great big failure, nor the end of the world, and it is just what it is. So with that I did run for about 35 minutes and am no way shape or form ready to run 6 miles on Sunday, but whatever. It's not a big deal, just going to do it and do the best I can, and I when I start to battle in my mind what a bad idea it was to run this far I will hopefully already be three miles out and have no other choice but to run three miles back.

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