Saturday, March 16, 2013

The 10 Miler

So, it's been awhile since I've written anything. I've been running, well, mostly been running. It's been difficult to fit in runs since adopting a new puppy, Lenny, a couple of weeks ago. But I'll get into a good routine again once Lenny gets settled and I get motivated to run instead of spending all of my time with him.

I never did write about the race that Rachel and I ran back in January with her friend from work, Jill. I really enjoyed this race and it was the first time that I had ever run the distance of 10 miles. Rachel, Jill, and I started out together, but by about half a mile in, I told Jill to go ahead of us. She's a much faster runner than the two of us and I didn't want to hold her back.  Rachel and I ran together for about the first two miles or so and then I broke away from her. Sometimes, for me, running can be a very solitary act.

In any event, I didn't feel the need to devote miles to anyone until mile 4 came around. That mile was for my Aunt Laurrie. During that mile, I remembered all of the fun times we've had together crafting, shopping, hanging out, and talking. It's nice to have so many great memories with her. She's someone I've always admired and looked up to for advice, guidance, and encouragement and who is always supportive of all the crazy things I do (like distance running for example).

Mile 5 was for my deceased friend and sister-in-law, Georgi. I thought about how much fun and full of life Georgi was. Always ready to have a good time and willing to listen and lend advice in a troubling or confusing situation. I also thought about her lovely daughter (my niece too!), Ava. She's truly a resilient child, who has remained strong with the passing of her mother, whose light was extinguished far too soon.

I devoted mile 6 to my deceased grandmother, but also to her very dear friend, Papa John. Both were instrumental in my life as a child and I share fond memories of them both. My grandmother was stoic and loving in her way. I remember the time she found out I was smoking cigarettes as a teenager. She was so sad about this because of the serious health implications smoking had for her. Ultimately, her lung capacity would be her undoing. I miss her dearly. I'm thankful Papa John is still a part of my family and it's nice reminiscing with Papa John about my grandmother and all the wonderful times we shared.

The memories I've shared with Hank, my husband, carried me through mile 7. I wandered through my memories of the journey that we've taken together. I thought about our first date, our many road trips and vacations, our games nights, our wedding, too many wonderful things to write about here. I also thought about the difficult and trying times we've shared and been through together. I'm so grateful that we've stuck together and continue to let our love be the glue that holds us together through it all.

I thought of my mother during mile 8, the woman who gave birth to me and brought me into existence. Without her, I wouldn't be here today and I thought about our relationship and how it's better than it's ever been. We had our fair share of difficult times during my teenage years, but throughout my early adult years into my grown up adult years (yikes! I'll be 30 this year, that's somehow a real grown up in my mind), we've shared some great times.

While I run, my thoughts always lead me back to one person, the one person who I miss most in and that person is my brother, Bobby. Mile 9 was for him and he helped me push through. Sometimes, I'm overcome with thoughts of him while I run and start to have trouble breathing. Those are the sad thoughts that cloud my mind, the thoughts of his alcoholism and subsequent death as result. But then I think about all of the fun and crazy times that we shared together. I'll always have a hole in my soul, a piece that's missing, without him around. But I'm trying to keep the memory of him alive by having a relationship with his daughters. My nieces are truly amazing girls! I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with them because they truly help ease the sorrow of his absence.

At the end of my race there was a horribly steep hill that I was determined to run up. People around me were stopping and walking up the hill, but I was determined to continue running (well, barely running, hah) and not walk. It really helped when my older sister, Jenny and niece, Juliette, drove by in their car and were honking and cheering me on. I definitely couldn't start walking then. What a nice surprise that was! They weren't even supposed to be there.

The next race Rachel and I are running together is a week from today. It's the Marine Corps 17.75K in Quantico, Virginia. It's about an 11 mile race and while I've been slacking on my training, I'm really excited to be running another race with Rachel. It's nice to be spending time with her again participating in big life changes events with her. For a long time, we didn't really talk or hang out much because she had moved away to be a Marine. The running is really bringing us closer together now and I'm excited for the new memories we are creating.

Good luck to all of you in the DC area who are running the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon this morning. Special luck and happy thoughts to my friend Kristen. I'm thinking of you and wishing you a great finishing time.