Monday, November 5, 2012

My Sunday Run

My Sunday run yesterday went well. I ran it with a friend who is doing the Veterans' Day 10K with me next Sunday. I ran for 57 minutes and covered almost 5 miles, which is a bit slow, but at least I did the long Sunday run. I've stuck to the 4-week training schedule thus far and that makes me proud.

So, this week is pretty easy as far as training is concerned. I have a couple of easy runs and on the cross-training days I am going to do yoga, so I can get some good stretching in. I'm excited for the race next weekend.

I also have a 5K Turkey Trot coming up at the end of the month that I'm running with my friend and husband. Then we'll head up to Delaware and consume massive quantities of calories. I'm fine with that though because I love Turkey Day and I will at least have exercised before the big meal.

What's your goal for this Rachel? How many times are you running? How long, etc.? Blog it.

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