Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am so happy for Angela who was in the top third for female finishers in the 10K, as well as the top third for her age group, running the 10K at an average speedy pace of over 6.5mph! Woo-Hoo!

Any way, life has consumed me.....and I haven't run since last Saturday!! (2 miles though:) And the plan everyday was to run, have always had my running shoes with me but for some unforeseen reason or another I haven't not been able to get 30 minutes! And today is another day that is going to fall into that category.

But the good news is I found someone to run the MCM with us! Jill said she would run the 17.75K and the marathon and she is really excited about it.

But the week was not completely wasted. I read alot of interesting information about the importance of training (despite my lack of it).

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  1. Thanks, Ray! I was so excited to have finished in under an hour.

    Keep running! You can do it. Even if it's only a couple of times a week right now. I looked at the calendar and if we start the half marathon training the first week in January (may have to actually start 12/31), we can have 12 weeks of training under our belts by the Marine Corps 17.75K. That being said, just get some base fitness training in over the next month and a half and you should be good to start training on 12/31.