Sunday, November 11, 2012

My 10K Race Results

I'm really excited because I finished my 10K in under 1 hour this morning. Although I think I may have started too quickly and paid the price towards the end, I'm still glad that I set a goal to finish in under an hour and I achieved that goal.

The worst part of the race was around mile 5 when I had a really bad cramp in my side (I don't think I drank enough water or I ran too fast for the first few miles) and I had to walk for a second to dull the pain. I then reminded myself that it was okay to slow down, but that I should at least keep jogging. And so, I started jogging slower and that helped ease the cramp and I was eventually able to resume my race pace. The best part of the race was being able to see the finish line and then of course crossing the line and confirming my goal of finishing in under 1 hour.

This is a really proud day for me because this is one of the few times that I set a lofty physical goal and achieved that goal. I feel like I can definitely train for the Marine Corps 17.75K with no problem and of course for the MCM next October.

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